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chocolate maker
Callebaut has introduced a
new flavor and color to its finest
Belgian chocolate range. Caramel
chocolate "gold" joins the ranks
of classic dark, milk and white
chocolate. Gold chocolate is
produced entirely in Belgium
from the bean.

One innovative product featured at the 2018 National Restaurant
Association Show was cake in a jar, known as CakeLove cake
and icing. Created by Warren Brown in Alexandria, Virginia,
CakeLove was developed based on consumer demand for products with cream cheese frosting.
The jars are available in three sizes (2-ounce, 4-ounce and
12-ounce) and come in a wide variety of flavors including Salty
Caramel, Key Lime, Coco Piña, Red Velvet and Mocha. This product is ready to serve with a resealable lid.
Brown is host of The Food Network's "Sugar Rush" and is an
accomplished entrepreneur with a spirited passion for enjoying
life. Brown left his career as a lawyer to become a baker in 2000.
Armed with a credit card and a sense that people wanted something better than what was currently on the market, he founded

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Bakery and cake decorating suppliers are making
it easier than ever for cake decorators to control
portions and spread on the profits. The following are
several key innovations from leading suppliers:
New from Brill, a CSM Bakery Solutions Company,
the DecoPro ready-to-use decorating bag is pre-filled
with Brill buttercrèmes in a convenient, resealable
format, driving labor efficiency and portion control
for your business. With 24 ounces of buttercreme per
decorating bag, you can be sure to limit over-icing and
reduce waste. Each bag is perfectly portioned to decorate 24 1-ounce cupcakes. DecoPro is filled with the
superior-formulated Brill Decorating Buttercrémes.
Brill icings offer a smoother mouthfeel and a more
delicious taste because of our unique sugar grinding
process, which allows us to use the finest granulations
commercially available.
DecoCrèmes Icings from Lawrence Foods have a
clean, light mouthfeel that's never greasy. The viscosity is perfect, and it's so easy to spread, it actually
minimizes normal ergonomic strain. And the lighter
density delivers better yields, which means more
cakes per pail and higher margins for cake decorators.
Bakers and decorators love the performance and
quality of Dawn Buttercreme Style Icings and Bases.
Dawn icings are formulated to meet a broad range of
decorator needs; the icings can be easily spread to
base ice cakes yet are also firm enough for piping and
holding designs.
From Flavor Right, Custom Ice is a ready-to-whip
icing that's much easier to work with than traditional
buttercream and you can expect more consistent
results. You'll save time, especially on clean-up. And
you'll find Custom Ice customizes nicely with flavors,
sweeteners and colors.
Rich's Bettercreme non-dairy icing is preferred by
decorators who appreciate the lightness because it offers endless decorating opportunities. For base icing,
it glides on without cracks or tears. It makes flowers,
borders and distinctive design work a breeze.

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