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El Mexicano Panadería

El Mexicano PanaderÍa
151 East Lake Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota
(612) 871-6633, Filiberto Onofre, Owner


A unique aspect of El Mexicano Panadería is that the
bakery is part of a larger shopping center in the historic
Lake Street neighborhood of downtown Minneapolis.
"There's a lot of history here," says the bakery's owner
Filiberto Onofre. "We started the bakery with six or seven
different items, and now we are making 15 to 17 different
items every day, depending on the season.
Top sellers are conchas, teleras, bolillos and cakes.
They make a variety of cake flavors, including piña colada,
mocha, Kahlua and tiramisu. Their most popular pastries
are filled with peach, guava, mango and pineapple.
Signature items range from rice pudding empanadas
to chiricanas, which are a puff pastry made with rice flour.
"Nobody else in town makes these," Onofre says proudly.
He and his wife Christina Garcia started their bakery
in 1999. As a child, Onofre learned about baking growing
up in Axochiapan in the Mexican state of Morelos where
his neighbor operated a bakery. There he became familiar
with the traditional flavors of rice pudding empanadas,
churros de cajeta, pan de elote and guava-filled pastries.
Morelos is known as the "central breadbasket" of Mexico
because it is an important center for agriculture. Because
of its geographical location, a broad range of different
climates allows the cultivation of numerous tropical and
temperate tree fruits, including avocados, mangos and
guavas. This fact influences the popularity of bread and
pastry recipes that are now produced in Minneapolis,
which is home to many Mexican immigrants who originally
came from Morelos.
"I use traditional recipes that I make from scratch, but
I also put in something different, a little spice that creates
a signature flavor," Onofre says. "This makes it unique. I
make all different kinds of breads, and the recipes are all
traditional from Mexico."
His wife, Christina, is originally from Michoacan
and she also contributes to tweaking the recipes. "She
has different ideas, and we work together to come up
with new ideas. We also like working with BakeMark


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