bake - June 2018 - pan - 47


Star-shaped pastries called reguiletes are produced by
hand and filled with strawberry, pineapple or custard.
It is common to find unfilled orejas in a Mexican bakery,
but La Espiga makes a version of orejas that is filled with
raisins and custard.
Another signature item at La Espiga is the cornbread,
which they make from scratch. These small circularshaped breads feature fresh corn as an ingredient and
offer a rich, dark color.
"We sell a lot of cornbread because it's made from
fresh corn, and it's always fresh," Barbara says.
Sweet snacks are gaining popularity, and La Espiga
addresses this trend with creative packaging of coricos (small
cookies made from fresh corn) in packs of 10, which are
conveniently offered near the front sales register.
The bakery is also one of the few to make meringue
cookies on a daily basis, colorfully made in blue, pink,
yellow and white. Polvorons are always popular with the
young shoppers who come here and are made with a
dusting of sugar on top.
There is truly something for everyone at La Espiga,
and love in every bite.






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