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were moving into one-stop shopping.
He wants to provide a platform for growth, as his
daughter Araceli takes over more and more of the daily
responsibilities of the running the family business.
The Perez family made one of their biggest dreams
come true on November 1998 when they opened the
doors of their new business, Marissa's Bakery, which, in
addition to a fresh bakery and fresh meat department,
operated one of the first tortillerias in the state of Minnesota.
Isidro Perez originally grew up in San Jose
Quebrantadero in Morelos, Mexico. He came to the
United States 24 years ago, seeking the American dream.
At first, he settled in Chicago in 1974 where he worked
for many years in the automotive industry.
Saving whatever money that he could while he worked
tirelessly in Chicago, Perez dreamed of someday opening
his own small bakery, a trade that his family had followed
for several generations. Eventually, he had saved enough
to make the move to Minneapolis where he opened his
store in a busy section of downtown on Nicollet Avenue.
Today, retail sales account for a large portion of
sales, but they also sell quite a bit of bakery products
(mostly teleras) to wholesale accounts such as independent
restaurants. Thus, the need for expanded production lines
and new equipment. The American dream is alive and
well for Perez and his family.





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