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Marissa's Bakery
It is common for supermarkets to expand into
bakery, but less common for the opposite scenario. But
for Isidro Perez, fresh bread and bakery has always been
the foundation of his dream to own and operate his own
successful food business.
"Bakery is my passion," says the owner of Marissa's
Bakery, which is undergoing a major expansion this
year to accommodate growing demand for its fresh
bakery products.
The lasting evidence of his commitment to
longstanding tradition is found inside his massive store

Marissa's Bakery
2750 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota
(612) 871-4519, Isidro Perez, Owner


where the bakery department occupies about a quarter
of the total square footage. Perez is renovating the space
this year and adding on to the tortelleria and the bakery
department with new equipment. He will hold on to the
old-fashioned deck oven, though, that has baked the
oversized bolillos and other authentic bakery products that
his customers have come to know and love.
"We are expanding and making our products more
authentic," he says with pride. "Bread is the foundation
of our bakery business. We started with bread and
then added a supermarket when a lot of customers


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