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Panadería San Miguel
Celebrating 10 years at its Minneapolis location,
Panadería San Miguel is busier than ever, thanks to a
robust cake business and an innovative line of flavorful
breads and pastries.
Founded by Victorino Romero and his wife, Beatriz,
the family-owned business is open 360 days of the year
to the delight of customers who live near or visit the
historic Lake Street neighborhood of Minneapolis that
was settled by a diverse group of immigrants more than
a century ago.
"This location helps us because Lake Street is known

PanaderÍa San Miguel
1621 East Lake Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota
(612) 721-8682, Victorino Romero, Owner


as a very diverse spot," says Victorino Romero, who runs
the bakery with his wife and two daughters, Stacey and
Vanessa. "People come from everywhere to buy our cakes
and our foods."
Most of their sales are retail, as the walk-in business is
brisk in this historic part of the city. The Romero family
has been in the bakery business for 18 years and opened
their first retail store in St. Paul, Minnesota, where they
continue to do business. There are two stores overall.
Cakes account for a large percentage of overall sales,
and the bakery is well known for its incredible variety.


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