bake - June 2018 - pan - 40


El Burrito Mercado
Strong women make strong companies, and there's no
better place in Minneapolis-St. Paul to see this in action
than at El Burrito Mercado where Milissa Silva-Diaz
runs the innovative food market and bakery as co-owner
and chief executive officer. Silva-Diaz is a dynamic
entrepreneur who never settles for the status quo.
Her parents, Maria and Tomas Silva, started the family
business in St. Paul in 1979 and then retired three years
ago. Silva-Diaz, who worked in the corporate ranks for
General Mills and for the mayor's office, is leading the
company through it next phase of innovation.

El Burrito Mercado
175 Cesar Chavez Street, St. Paul, Minnesota
(651) 227-2192, Milissa Silva-Diaz, Chief Executive Officer/Co-Owner


Almost 40 years in business, El Burrito Mercado is
thriving under the watchful eyes of the Silva sisters, Milissa
and Suzanne, and third generation Analita. This trio of
hardworking women manage with love and attention to
detail. This power team ensures that El Burrito Mercado
continues to thrive and growing with its always expanding
product offerings, creative and professional catering, more
seating in the restaurant and in the newly added outdoor
La Placita Patio.
Tomas and Maria Silva are the original owners,
from humble beginnings in Aguascalientes, Mexico, in


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