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that is geared to optimize store traffic flow. The grocery
department flows directly into fresh bakery, putting the
spotlight on top sellers including conchas, bolillos and
decorated cakes.
Throughout the south metro area, Super Mercado
Loma Bonita is widely known by consumers for the
signature fresh cakes, which are displayed in clean rows
neatly stacked inside three-row merchandising cases. The
top row features cakes covered in whipped topping, the
next row with cakes in colorful icings, and the bottom
row with round cakes drizzled with chocolate. Each cake
is topped with six fresh strawberries covered in glaze.
Great care is taken to produce cakes so they look
consistent from one to the next. Branding is very important
to the owners who are sticklers for every detail. One look
at a tray of conchas freshly baked out of the oven tells it
all. Each concha looks perfect.
"Being able to offer a little bit of everything in a

store that is very clean and organized" is their secret
to success, says Gregorio Castillo, who believes in the
importance of teamwork and humility. "Being able to
work together is very important. Having a great customer
relationship and giving them respect and authentic
products is very important."





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