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Milissa Silva-Diaz,
Chief Executive Officer/Co-Owner

options including a variety of pan dulce.
"We are trying to offer more foods to go," SilvaDiaz says.
That's smart because the catering business offers a
bright spot on the horizon for bakery cafes looking to
increase their sales and brand power.
A report by Dinova reveals that business catering
for all dining segments is increasing at an annual rate
of 10 percent nationwide. Companies large and small
are serving food more often at business breakfasts and
lunches, as well as office parties and corporate events.
Victorino Romero, owner of Panadería San Miguel,
says they are expanding their wholesale business to
coffee shops and other foodservice accounts, offering
filled and regular pastries.
"They make their orders and pick up once or twice a
week," Romero says. "That business has picked up a lot."
Panadería San Miguel also reports that sales are
rising for their signature chicken mole empanadas, as well
as their "bolinachos," what they call their version of filled
bolillos with cream cheese and jalapeños.
"A lot of people come in and tell us that it's their
lunch time," Romero's daughter Stacey explains. "It's cool
that we get more customers in for lunch items every day."

One of the most cherished activities of the summer
is picnics. Whether for fun among friends and families,
for a work gathering, or for a sports team celebration,
groups will enjoy plenty of food and beverages in this
nontraditional setting.
That's where your bakery or bakery cafe comes in to
play. Not only should you look to provide them with the
essentials of a tasty picnic meal, but you can expand on that
in ways that will make you stand out from other caterers.
Bake Magazine's 2017 Retail Bakery Operations Study

revealed a changing face of the specialty bakery. Specialty
bakers surveyed in this report revealed a number of new
business opportunities, especially when it came to catering
options. One example of a box lunch sandwich made with
artisan bread increased the bakery's profits by 4 percent.
Food trends are driven by informed and openminded millennials, according to Benchmark, a
hospitality company. This age demographic is dining
out more than previous generations and they want
healthy, sustainable, and original dishes based on natural
ingredients, responsibly sourced. Growing up in a more
diverse society, they have been exposed to a variety of
ethnic foods and are far more likely to try new dishes.
In other catering trends, iconic food is trending with
updated versions of American classics. Consumers long
for the food they grew up with, but with less fat, fresher
ingredients and greater depth of flavor. Many of America's
most popular foods evolved from regional specialties such
as nachos and pizza that are now national favorites.

Victorino Romero, Owner

While consumers cherish the ritual of dunking a
donut into a hot cup of coffee, donuts are bringing
a new dimension to America's favorite sandwiches,
according to the latest catering trends. Donut
burgers and donut breakfast sandwiches offer prime
examples, and these feature a glazed donut as the bun
around the sandwich.
All of these new product ideas offer bakeries and cafes
the opportunity to capitalize on America's fast-growing
interest in unique flavors of foodservice options that are
served at catered events and as takeout options.





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