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potato and pumpkin, as well as crispy guava and apple
filled pastries.
One of the more popular sweet breads at Super
Mercado Loma Bonita, which has four locations in the
Twin Cities, is filled with raisins and cream cheese.
El Mexicano Panadería in Minneapolis uses
four-ounce puff turnovers to make delicious and eyeappealing guava and cheese and pineapple and cheese
turnovers. The bakery also produces signature pambazos
that are dusted with flour on top and filled with different
kinds of meats and cheeses.
Panadería San Miguel in Minneapolis transitions to
offering more puff pastries in the spring and summer, a
strategy that helps them sell more products every week.
"Now that cake season is coming up, we start
bringing in more puff pastries," Victorino Romero,
owner of Panadería San Miguel, which has worked
with BakeMark for 18 years since the bakery first
opened. "The thaw, proof and bake puff pastry dough
is a very high quality product. This product helps
us make sure we are filling the cases during our busy
cake season."


As bakeries develop new products that are filled
with different flavors, it is important to recognize the
latest consumer trends - which flavors are in highest
demand. These insights help steer bakeries in the right
direction, as to which new products are most likely to
have success.
According to Mintel, desserts that are less sweet
are gaining popularity in America, a trend that favors
bakery products that are filled with more subtly sweet
ingredients like guava and mango.
Vegetables are also a rising star on the menus of
America's restaurants. "The No. 1 hottest category
on the menu is the vegetable," says Nancy Kruse, a
foodservice expert who compiles an annual foodservice
trends report.
Incorporating vegetables like pumpkin, corn and
carrots into filled bakery products is a great strategy.
"There are marvelous opportunities to innovate and
create new products with vibrant vegetables," Kruse
says. "The halo of health with vegetables gives you
permission to be adventurous and innovate."






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