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Filled Breads
& Pastries
Consumers increasingly love sweet breads and
pastries filled with all types of delicious fillings, from
fruits to savory meats.
Bakeries are taking advantage of this trend by
offering filled breads and pastries that include seasonal
flavors like strawberry, pumpkin and sweet potato. One
simple way to leverage this opportunity is to use Danish
dough or puff pastry dough that is already prepared and
can be filled with ease using a wide range of options.
Whether you bake from scratch, or from mixes and
bases, or you prefer the convenience of frozen bakery
products, BakeMark delivers products that will continue
to satisfy your customers and grow your bakery.


Options include puff pastry filled turnovers, puff
pastry bulk dough (squares, sheets, blocks and slabs),
Danish pastries, Danish bulk dough, and filled or
unfilled croissants.
Bakeries in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and
St. Paul, Minnesota, are enjoying success offering
filled pastries, especially in the spring and summer.
When cake season peaks at this time of year, it can be
challenging to have all the labor you need to keep pace
with demand. Labor-saving products offer great value
during this production cycle.
El Burrito Mercado in St. Paul, Minnesota, offers
a wide variety of filled empanadas, including sweet


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