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Deluxe Corporation has launched an online service center
offering hundreds of free resources for small business owners,
including the new "Small Talks" video series, which features
advice from successful entrepreneurs across America.
Deluxe's Small Business Resource Center, which was launched
in conjunction with National Small Business Week, is available
at More than 400 free resources include

Amanda Brinkman brings actionable tips to small business owners.

everything from how-to guides to webinars to educational
videos from experts at Deluxe. They cover a wide range of

so that they can get back to doing what they love. In fact,

helpful tools for starting a business, marketing your busi-

that was what led us to create the "Small Business Revolution

ness, managing finances and more. Deluxe also features its

- Main Street" series, in which we show how investing in a

new "Small Talks" video series as part of the Small Business

community's small businesses helps the entire community

Resource Center. In each episode, Deluxe's chief brand

thrive as a whole.

and communications officer Amanda Brinkman interviews
successful small business owners, who share actionable tips to

Since creating the Small Business Revolution series, we've

help small business owners overcome common challenges.

heard time and again that small business owners love hearing
advice from fellow entrepreneurs. Small business owners are so

The first wave of Small Talks videos features prominent entre-

passionate about what they do, but they have to wear a lot of

preneurs from Minneapolis and Chicago, including Salty Tart

hats in order to keep up with the daily operations of running a

Bakery owner Michelle Gayer, one of the country's most lauded

business, and they like to hear from people who have overcome

pastry chefs, earning nine James Beard nominations and the

those same challenges. So we hit the road to create Small Talks,

title of Bon Appetit's "Best Pastry Chef." In the video, she

going straight to the source and interviewing successful small

discusses how to hire new employees and grow, while main-

business owners to get actionable advice.

taining the quality that your business is known for. Several
videos are now available at

What is your background in the business world?

Additional episodes will be released in coming weeks.
I started my career in marketing agencies, working on some
Bake reached out to Amanda Brinkman for her thoughts on

of the world's biggest, most successful brands, from Sony to

this exciting new project and how it can help independent

BMW. I then carved out a niche in the corporate role as what I

retail bakeries and other small businesses across the country.

call an "intrapreneur," cultivating creativity from the inside out
Along the way, I've held a philosophy that all companies can

video series. Why are you passionate about small business?

"Do Well by Doing Good." Instead of focusing only on selling
products, they can take true "brand action" that improves the

Great question! Throughout my entire career, and especially

lives of their consumers, while improving their own bottom

in my current role at Deluxe, I've been passionate about small

lines. At Deluxe, I've had the honor to truly prove that philos-

businesses and the inspiring people who run them. Every day,

ophy through projects like Small Talks and Small Business

my team gets to help small business owners with marketing,

Revolution-Main Street.

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at companies like General Mills, Allianz, and UnitedHealthGroup.
Amanda, you bring a ton of energy to the new Small Talks

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