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To mix and form butter block, beat butter,

Make second and third turns: Place dough


sugar and salt with an electric mixer on

on surface so flap opening is on your

30 grams European-style butter

low speed just until homogeneous and

right. Roll out dough, dusting with flour

waxy-looking, about 3 minutes. Scrape

as needed, to a 24x8" rectangle, about

butter mixture onto a large sheet of

3/8" thick. Fold into thirds (same way

10 grams active dry yeast

parchment. Shape into a 12x6" rectangle

as before), rotate 90° counterclockwise

400 grams all-purpose flour, plus

1/4" thick. Neatly wrap up butter, pressing

so flap opening is on your right, and roll

out air. Roll packet gently with a rolling pin

out again to a 24x8" rectangle. Sprinkle

40 grams sugar

to push butter into corners and create an

surface of dough with 2 tablespoons

5 grams kosher salt

evenly thick rectangle. Chill in refrigerator

sugar; fold into thirds. Dust lightly with

until firm but pliable, 25-30 minutes.

flour, wrap in plastic, and chill in freezer

cooled, plus more for bowl

more for surface

until firm but not frozen, about 30 minutes.

Butter block:
Roll out dough on a lightly floured surface

Transfer to refrigerator; continue to chill

style butter (at least 82% fat), cut

into a 19x7" rectangle (a bit wider and

until very firm, about 1 hour longer. Place

into pieces

about 50 percent longer than the butter

dough on surface so flap opening is on

100 grams sugar

block). Place butter block on upper two-

your right. Roll out dough, dusting with

5 grams kosher salt

thirds of dough, leaving a thin border

flour as needed, to a rectangle slightly

340 grams chilled unsalted European-

along top and sides. Fold dough like

larger than 16x12". Trim to 16x12". Cut into


a letter: Bring lower third of dough up

12 squares (you'll want a 4x3" grid). Brush

All-purpose flour

and over lower half of butter. Then fold

excess flour from dough and surface.

150 grams sugar, divided

exposed upper half of butter and dough

Nonstick vegetable oil spray

over lower half (butter should bend, not

Lightly coat muffin cups with nonstick

break). Press edges of dough to seal,

spray. Sprinkle squares with a total of

enclosing butter.

1/4 cup sugar, dividing evenly, and press

Brush a large bowl with butter. Whisk

gently to adhere. Turn over and repeat

yeast and 1/4 cup very warm water
(110°F-115°F) in another large bowl to

Rotate dough package 90° counterclock-

with another 1/4 cup sugar, pressing gently

dissolve. Let stand until yeast starts to

wise so flap opening is on your right. Roll

to adhere. Shake off excess. Lift corners

foam, about 5 minutes. Add flour, sugar,

out dough, dusting with flour as needed,

of each square and press into the center.

salt, butter and cold water. Mix until a

to a 24x8" rectangle about 3/8" thick.

Place each in a muffin cup. Wrap pans

shaggy dough. Turn out onto a lightly

Fold rectangle into thirds like a letter (as

with plastic and chill in refrigerator at least

floured surface and knead, adding flour

in step 6), bringing lower third up, then

8 hours and up to 12 hours (dough will

as needed, until dough is supple, soft, and

upper third down (this completes the first

be puffed with slightly separated layers).

slightly tacky, about 5 minutes.

turn). Dust dough lightly with flour, wrap

Preheat oven to 375°F. Unwrap pans and

in plastic, and chill in freezer until firm but

sprinkle kouign amann with remaining

Proof dough twice and shape and chill

not frozen, about 30 minutes. Transfer to

2 tablespoons sugar, dividing evenly.

dough by wrapping in plastic and chilling

refrigerator; continue to chill until very

Bake until pastry is golden brown all over

in freezer until dough is very firm but not

firm, about 1 hour longer. (Freezing dough

and sugar is deeply caramelized, 25-30

frozen, 30-35 minutes.

first cuts down on chilling time.)

minutes. Immediately remove from pan.

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(at least  82% fat), melted, slightly

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