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a sister location called B. On The Go, a neighborhood eatery in
San Francisco serving slow roasted meats and vegetables on
house-made breads.
"I am usually baking all day until the shop closes. We bake Kouign
Amann, almond croissants, cookies and cakes all day," she says.
The menu at b. patisserie features a wide variety of creative pastries,
ranging from her Vanilla Cassis Cake (vanilla mascarpone, sable
breton, cassis ganache, chiffon cake and vanilla glacage) to the
Yuzu Lemon Tart (yuzu custard, lemon cream and lemon confit).
What she enjoys perhaps most of all is seeing people come into
her bakery and leave happy because they really enjoyed the
pastries. "I also love seeing all the regulars that come in to see us,
every day and every weekend. It is the best feeling to have when
people really enjoy your pastries after all the work we put into it."
Rising popularity
For those who don't know of kouign amann, it is a type of viennoiserie that originated in Brittany, France. It is truly a taste of
heaven for the palate. For this reason, this delicate pastry is
rapidly gaining popularity at innovative retail bakeries across the
In Kansas City, Ibis Bakery/Messenger Café makes fresh milled
kouign amann with local grains.
In Philadelphia, Cake Life Bake Shop mixes up the seasonal ingredients with flavorful variations such as baklava kouign amann (honey
and cardamom-spiked nut filling with pistachios and walnuts) or
apple kouign amann (with spiced apple compote filling).
In Minneapolis, Spoon and Stable executive pastry chef Diane
Yang has built her reputation as one of the city's dessert masters
- and she bakes a fantastic kouign amann.
Yang is also pastry chef at Bellecour, a sister restaurant that has
its own fabulous bakery, where they sell kouign amann and a tasty
new creation called kouign amann twists. These subtly sweet and
crispy twists are made with just eight ingredients: flour, milk, eggs,
sugar, salt, yeast, butter and malt.
Accordingly, her dessert menu hits a range of tones, textures,
and flavors to be that enduring final impression, with a delicate
balance of sweet with sour, savory, bitter, and salty.

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