bake - June 2018 - 31

our new


ingredients are adding color and flavor

Awards recognize food and beverage

to food and drinks.

products that stand out for taste,
creativity and profit potential and will

Ice cream and frozen desserts are gaining

make a substantial impact in the restau-

widespread popularity, and Sweet Street

rant industry.

Desserts showcased new menu ideas at
the restaurant show to help operators

Another innovative product featured

leverage the latest trends.

at the 2018 National Restaurant
Association Show was cake in a jar,

Sweet Street featured "frozen bar-

known as CakeLove cake and icing.

sicles" in a wide range of flavors from

Created by Warren Brown in Alexandria,

Peanut Butter Crunch to Razzle Dazzle.

Virginia, CakeLove was developed based

Chefs at the Sweet Street booth

on consumer demand for products with

created cool treats for attendees to

cream cheese frosting.

enjoy on the show floor.
The jars are available in three sizes
The Eli's Cheesecake Company show-

(2-ounce, 4-ounce and 12-ounce)

cased its award-wining Florentine

and come in a wide variety of flavors

Honey Almond Bar, which is handmade

including Salty Caramel, Key Lime, Coco

in small batches. Sliced almonds are

Piña, Red Velvet and Mocha. This product

drenched in housemade honey glaze

is ready to serve with a resealable lid.

and baked on Eli's signature all-butter

Brown is host of The Food Network's

shortbread cookie crust. Of note,

"Sugar Rush" and is an accomplished

Eli's honey is harvested by students

entrepreneur with a spirited passion for

from the Chicago High School for

enjoying life. Brown left his career as

Agricultural Sciences.

a lawyer to become a baker in 2000.

From hand-made Royal Icing and
Gum Paste decorations to Dusts,
Gems, Flowers, sprays and
more...Find it and shop online.
* Cake Boards
* Deco Dusts
* Dragees
* Edible Gems
* Gum Paste Deco.

* Luster Sprays, Etc.
* Pastry Bags
* Royal Icing Deco.
* Textured Rolling Pins
* Wafer Flowers

Armed with a credit card and a sense that
The Florentine Honey Almond Bar

people wanted something better than

received a FABI 2018 Award from the

what was currently on the market, he

National Restaurant Association. FABI

founded CakeLove, a bakery. 

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