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Niu (nee-yoo)
Dark Chocolate
Delicious NEW Organic 65% Dark Chocolate
Sweetened with Coconut Sugar!

Certified organic
EZ-melt wafer form
Perfect for molding/enrobing
Made with pure coconut sugar
Kosher Dairy certification

"Whether it's National Donut Day or Friday at the office, we know
consumers will continue to savor donuts for years to come."
The top unique flavors that these consumers are craving
include S'mores (29 percent), Mango (18 percent), AlcoholInspired (17 percent), Breakfast Cereal (16 percent), BaconInfused (16 percent), and Peanut Butter & Jelly (16 percent).
Other findings from the survey indicate that more than onethird of consumers (37 percent) eat donuts at least once a
month, classic donuts like chocolate and plain remain strong
(more than 50 percent), and the more adventurous palates
reside out West (72 percent willing to try bold flavors).
Americans certainly love their donuts. More than 10 billion
donuts are produced in the U.S. every year, a number of
donuts that could stretch around the Earth 19 times. The U.S.
has over 25,000 donut shops producing these treats, with
Boston having the most (one for every 2,500 people).

Maple Orange Bonbon
coated in Niu Chocolate
Recipe by Chef Gabrielle Draper

Flavor trends and opportunities
Mintel recently announced major flavor trends that are just
emerging or are already hitting the mainstream and set to
shape the future of foodservice in 2018 and beyond.

Among the flavors already creating buzz in the US, Middle
Eastern cuisine has become an inspiration for fusion flavors.
Less sweet desserts featuring ingredients such as olive
oil and vinegar are gaining popularity, and functional

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