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marketing materials for you to use, as well as a how to guide.
These kits included a box label, window decals, posters, table
tents, and counter stands. The professionally designed artwork
features fun slogans such as "Keep Your Dough Local."
LTOs and other marketing ideas
For bakeries in search of creative ideas for promoting National
Bakery Day this year, one of the most effective marketing tools
is the limited-time offer (LTO).
LTOs work by energizing your customer base to act now. They
typically boost immediate sales by 10% or more and bring your
brand to the forefront. The key is making a lasting impression
that brings customers back for more.
Think about creating a limited-edition, one-time-only pastry or
donut or bread that you make exclusively for National Bakery Day.
Nationally recognized blogger Mike Wallagher shares five solid
tips for successful LTOs. He writes that 78% of millennials would
rather spend money on experiences than physical products, so
keep that in mind.
1. Draw attention to new experiences
2. Define your offer dates
3. Use a benefit-based call-to-action
4. Keep your offer simple and brief
5. Be honest
Given that we are fully immersed in the "experience economy,"
another great idea for National Bakery Day is inviting
customers into your bakery for a special demonstration, or even
holding a raffle during National Bakery Day for the chance for
one lucky customer to spend the day with you inside your retail
store. Sound far-fetched? Not in the slightest.
Many consumers would love to get a behind-the-scenes look
inside your operation. Talk about creating a unique experience


for a child or a parent who is an aspiring baker. If this weren't
the case, millions of people would not be watching "The Best
Baker in America" series on The Food Network, TLC's hit series
Cake Boss, or "The Greatest British Bake Off."
"People want to know: What are your habits?" explains Penny
Hardman, associate content director for Sullivan Higdon &
Sink, a Kansas-based marketing and advertising agency. "A
baker's day is so different than ours. That's what makes it so
interesting." | JUN 2018 > 25

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