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National Bakery Day promises to lift the
independent retail bakery universe to new heights.
There has never been a more important campaign

Amanda Brinkman. "Small businesses have such an

for independent retail bakeries across the country to

enormous role in making each community across

rally around than National Bakery Day, which this year

America special. One thing small business owners can

arrives on Friday, Sept. 14.

do to keep building momentum around this movement is to support each other. By working together

This unique promotional event presents local bakeries

to share experience and ideas, individual owners can

the chance to shine and sparkle and, better yet,

add value to their businesses, as well as the local

profit from the experience. So, you may ask, what

economy as a whole."

should I do to take full advantage of this enormous
There are tens of thousands of retail bakeries in the
United States, ranging from donut shops to artisan
It's the 100 anniversary of the Retail Bakers

bread stores to patisseries and cake shops. This is an

Association, and the first step to achieving success

exciting industry, and the consumer world has never

is to understand that you are not alone. Reach out

been more fascinated with local food and supporting

to the RBA ( and

the small business economy. So start planning now.


get involved.
By joining RBA in a Retail Level 1, 2 or 3 membership
"Every time people support a local business, that

category, your bakery will receive a free marketing

money gets reinvested into their community," says

kit for National Bakery Day. The kit will be sent to

Deluxe's chief brand and communications officer

your bakery and will include National Bakery Day

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