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"In each store, we have a head baker
who is trained to our specifications,
so breads are consistent every day."
Neil Checketts, chief operating officer for Kneaders Bakery and Café

Giving back to communities

moments, which included breaking

Kneaders donated 10 percent of its

$100 million in total sales and cele-

opening weekend sales (just over

brating 20 years in operations with

$1,300) at the new Overland Park loca-

recognition from various high level

tion to KidsTLC on May 11 and Emma's

elected officials, including the Utah

Place for Exceptional Children on May


12. Additionally, Kneaders will continue

POCO Bread & Roll Moulder - Model 670

to make a charitable impact on the

Kneaders co-founders Gary and

Overland Park area through its bread

Colleen Worthington celebrated the

donation partnership with Shawnee

company's 20th anniversary on Dec.

Community Services. Over the past

2. Citing "their unprecedented entre-

20 years, Kneaders has donated over

preneurial work," the Worthingtons

one million loaves of bread to local

were honored by Utah Governor

communities. Kneaders has also raised

Gary Herbert and First Lady Jeanette

over $350,000 for childhood cancer

Herbert at the Governor's Mansion in

research with their HOPE Fights

Salt Lake City, with an official procla-

Childhood Cancer Campaign.

mation announcing the milestone date
as "Gary and Colleen Worthington

Located at 12180 Blue Valley Parkway

Front Load Bread Slicer - Model 732

Simple Equipment,
Exceptional Results


in Overland Park, a Kansas City suburb,
the new location includes a retail

In addition, both the Utah County

shop with home decor, customized

Commissioners and Orem Mayor

gift baskets and individual hearth and

Richard Brunst issued their own local

sweet breads available for purchase.

"Kneaders Day" proclamations recognizing the Worthingtons' business

Customers can visit the store (or

acumen and charitable giving, noting

take advantage of online ordering

that over the past 20 years, Kneaders

at Monday through

has donated more than one million

Saturday from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

loaves of bread (a donation value of

Kneaders is closed on Sundays.

$2,590,000) to organizations serving

Customers can now order gift baskets,

people in need. Kneaders has raised

home decor and specialty food items

$580,000 for cancer research and

anywhere in the country by visiting

children's hospitals to date.

Kneaders' new online store, "On the
Shelf" by

"We are so grateful to have been able
to serve our loyal customers over

Dough Make-up * Ovens * Slicers * Baggers
Quality Equipment Since 1890 | 800.253.3893
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Celebrating a milestone

the last 20 years," Colleen says. "The

The Kneaders family marked the close

love and generosity of each one of

of 2017 with incredible milestone

our communities is what has made

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