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The Shrinking


Multi-function bakery and cooking equipment proved the highlight of the 2018 National Restaurant Association Show, where
foodservice operators discovered numerous innovative and
labor-saving features.
Baxter, recognized for superior, durable baking and cooking
equipment, featured a completely new kind of oven, the
VersaOven. Providing a unique level of versatility, speed and
simplification for busy kitchens, the VersaOven combines the
best features of convection, rotisserie and combi ovens into
an easy-to-use, all-in-one, self-cleaning oven that can save
kitchens time, money, space and headaches.
Alto-Shaam showcased its full-size and countertop Vector
Multi-Cook Ovens. With a single oven, Alto-Shaam chefs
prepared items like cinnamon rolls, breakfast sandwiches, pizza
and more in a single oven.
"As kitchen equipment does get smaller, it can make the back
of the house smaller. This favors multi-function players," says

Many new products in the foodservice equipment sector at the National

Bill Davis, sales manager at Edward Don & Company, a leading

Restaurant Assocation show featured time-saving innovations.

distributor of foodservice equipment, who spoke at the 2018
National Restaurant Association Show.

Built to offer the cooking advantages of rotisseries, rack ovens
Baxter's VersaOven features a rotating interior oven rack for

or more heat transfer mechanisms (air impingement, micro-

even cooking results, and a 95,000 BTU/hour in-shot burner

wave, convection), which decrease cook times by more than

system. The VersaOven is also built with a patented, self-

80 percent without compromising quality. TurboChef ventless

contained steam system that generates more steam than a

ovens have internal systems for eliminating grease-laden vapor

standard mini-rack oven. Designed to handle the daily cooking

prior to the grease escaping the oven. The Panini model is a

demands of the busiest delis, grocery stores and retail kitchens,

great fit for making grilled focaccia bread and toasted sand-

the VersaOven has the capacity to fit 10 18-inch by 26-inch

wiches, while the Bullet model is perfect for 8-inch toasted

sheet pans.

subs and 14-inch pizzas.
Vector Multi-Cook Ovens from Alto-Shaam offer up to four
"They help with inexperienced cooks because they're

ovens in one. Users can control temperature, fan speed, and

programmed; you can program the oven on a pad and hit

time in each individual oven chamber. Unmatched even-

'pizza,'" Davis says. "I really like the concepts like Blaze

ness in cooking is possible thanks to exclusive Structured Air

Pizza and MOD Pizza. They cook pizzas in 3½ minutes while

Technology, which delivers high-velocity, vertical upward and

customers are going through the line. It is old-school tech-

downward airflow. This optimized, focused heat delivers faster,

nology combined with bright young minds."

more even cooking without rotating pans.

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and combi ovens in one convenient and consolidated package,
TurboChef rapid cook ovens feature a combination of two

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