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The grass is green, the sky is blue, and the time is right for

tater tots, biscuits, egg sandwiches, fried Portobello mushroom

being outside. Your customers are finding their way outdoors

sandwiches, and coleslaw.

after months spent away from their favorite outdoor activities.
Variety is important in catering options, and few do that better
One of the most cherished activities of the summer is picnics.

that Corner Bakery Café. The company provides customers

Whether for fun amongst friends and families, for a work gath-

with a wide range of breakfast, lunch, and beverage custom

ering, or for a sports team celebration, groups will enjoy plenty

catering options.

of food and beverages in this nontraditional setting.
Corner Bakery Café offers different trays with an assortment
That's where your bakery or bakery cafe comes into play. Not

of bagels, muffins, fruit, yogurt, and savory breakfast options

only should you look to provide them with the essentials of a

for earlier in the day, while trays featuring pasta, sandwiches,

tasty picnic meal, but you can expand on that in ways that will

salads, soups, chips, bakery sweets, and much more are avail-

make you stand out from other caterers.

able for lunch.

A report by Dinova reveals that business catering for all dining

Another standout option is to partner with other companies

segments is increasing at an annual rate of 10 percent nation-

to expand your offerings. If your bakery can supply another

wide. Companies large and small are serving food more often

caterer with a specialty product, or vice versa, it can make a

at business breakfasts and lunches, as well as office parties and

big difference in your bottom line.

corporate events.
Bake's 2017 Retail Bakery Operations Study revealed a
Those who can offer something nobody else can provide will

changing face of the specialty bakery. Specialty bakers

be an appealing choice for the picnic crowd. For instance, Astro

surveyed in our report revealed a number of new business

Doughnuts & Fried Chicken showcases its titular products on

opportunities, especially when it came to catering options.

Washington, D.C., and Virginia, pairs a dozen of its signature

"We have begun working with a local farm-to-table company

donuts with the customer's choice of fried chicken BLT sand-

that produces a lunch box by supplying them with a rustic style

wiches, chicken fingers, or classic fried chicken pieces.

bread option," said one specialty baker in the Midwest. "The
trial run has already increased our profits by 4 percent." This

Additionally, Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken makes these

report offers further credence to the idea that the time is ripe

combos available in miniature versions for smaller appetites.

to branch out your business beyond your physical store and

Customers can complete their orders with unique sides like

examine new opportunities in catering.

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its catering menu. The shop, with locations in Los Angeles,

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