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Bisous Bisous Pâtisserie

ndrea Meyer, owner and executive pastry chef of Bisous
Bisous Pâtisserie in Dallas, is busy crunching numbers
nowadays. Sure, the energetic owner of one of the fastestgrowing bakeries in Texas is checking over profit-and-loss
statements to ensure her shop is maximizing profitability. But
there's another kind of number she is dealing with, which is
becoming all the rage in her local community.
"We are feeling the craze of number cakes," Meyer says.
"We've seen a big increase in our cake orders in the past few
weeks since debuting these cakes."
It's no wonder because the number cakes at her shop are no
simple creation. These are multi-layer numerals made of cake
and topped with dollops of chocolate icing, chocolate decorations and her signature French macarons.

"Our retail team handles the ordering and communication with the customers," Meyer says. "We've provided them
with guidelines on everything from servings per number to
flavors, colors and the type of board or box it will be put on or
into. They set the expectation for the customer and communicate it with the kitchen staff."
Bisous Bisous Pâtisserie requires a two-day lead time on
cake orders, which allows the shop time to ensure they have
the necessary tools to execute. "We make our cake each
week in anticipation of the week's orders and we have premade templates for each number in each size we offer. Cake
assembly is relatively quick, and our entire team has workshopped these types of orders, so anyone can do them. We
don't deliver, so pickup is pretty seamless, just like any other
pre-ordered item."
Here's another great idea for summer celebration cakes.
People love their pets, and you can bring customers a lot of
joy with a sculpted cake of their favorite dog or pet.
Award-winning cake decorator Al DiBartolo Jr. of DiBartolo Bakery in Collingswood, New Jersey, loves to use Flavor
Right's Custom Ice icing along with fondant to sculpt and
create one-of-a-kind cakes that wow his customers at celebrations and special occasions.
"You always want to add a little surprise," he says. "Take it up
a notch. Little things go a long way."
When you airbrush, tint in the lightest color. "I use Chefmaster colors. They are always consistent," DiBartolo says.
"You don't want to compromise quality. You've got to price
it accordingly, but you have to satisfy your demographics.
Remember, we're making memories for people."
Meyer says she has learned several valuable lessons when it
comes to handling birthday/party cake orders that have helped
her bakery improve and streamline the process.

Number cakes are
a hot trend for
summer, fueled by
a flurry of activity
on Pinterest and




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