bake - May 2018 - abm - 2

* A pinhead of yeast can grow to more than
100,000 lbs. of dry yeast in less than five
days...that's more than two full truckloads
* Yeast comes in three basic forms:
- Cream yeast: standardized liquid
yeast preferred by large industrial
bakeries and highly active, meaning it
has a shorter shelf life
- Compressed yeast: crumbled and
block-formatted yeast utilized by
smaller to mid-sized bakeries
- Dry yeast: the most common form
of yeast typically used by home bakers
and featuring a long shelf life due to
its low moisture content and strain
* Charles Fleischmann's son, Julius, would
go on to become the mayor of Cincinnati
from 1900 to 1905 and was an owner of the
Cincinnati Reds professional baseball team
from 1902 to 1915
* Fleischmann's Yeast introduced breadbased spokesperson 'John Dough' in 1912,
more than 50 years before another famous
bakery character from a prominent retail
brand was unveiled
* The village of Griffin Corners, NY -
which served as a summer home for the
Fleischmann family beginning in 1883 -
officially changed its name to Fleischmanns
when it incorporated 30 years later


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