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The Toast of Milwaukee
One of the most iconic local coffee brands in Milwaukee is

instantly evaluate each on the menu board based on the roast

celebrating 25 years in business in 2018. Since 1993, Colectivo

(light to dark), body (medium to heavy) and acidity (smooth to

Coffee has been sourcing coffees from origin and roasting

bright). A large cup of pour over costs less than $3. They even

every batch by hand.

designate the calorie count of each cup on the menu board.

By developing farmer and co-op partnerships, the owners can

Troubadour Bakery offers espressos, macchiatos, cortados,

be involved in every step of creating a great coffee experi-

cappuccinos, lattes, mochas and Americanos in its espresso

ence. Colectivo offers Session Roasted coffees, in addition to

line. The Café Classics line features café au lait, hot chocolate,

Letterbox Fine Tea, Colectivo Keg Company beers, made-from-

steamers and Italian soda. For 75 cents extra, customers can

scratch food and Troubadour artisan breads and baked goods.

add a shot of Monin syrup, honey, almond milk, soy milk or
coconut milk.

Colectivo operates 13 cafes in the Milwaukee area, two in
Chicago and three in Madison, Wisconsin. Fresh bread and

On the cold beverage side, there are blended drinks like

pastries are baked from scratch daily at these cafes.

espresso shakes and smoothies such as the popular mango
peach ginger. Each smoothie runs a little over $5. These go

The Colectivo name was inspired by the artful and funky

great with pastries on the menu, which include cranberry

buses used for public transportation across Latin America -

pumpkin muffins, kouign amann, seven-layer bars and Sunshine

colectivos and the iconic part of everyday life they represent.

Buns - a less sweet version of a tasty cinnamon roll.

The company is independently owned and roasts its awardwinning coffees on a pair of vintage Probat coffee roasters in

Colectivo entered the food business in 2002 with the opening

Milwaukee's Riverwest neighborhood.

of its Lakefront Cafe, which changed the trajectory of the
company. Within two years, it introduced an all-day breakfast

Located at the intersections of Kinnickinnic and Lincoln avenues

menu with signature items like the chorizo burrito. Artisan

in the Bay View neighborhood of Milwaukee, one of Colectivo's

bread became a promising new item in 2014 when Troubadour

most unique cafes provides an open view of the daily work

Bakery opened.

the signature bread. Customers marvel at the innovative water

Bread bakers at Troubadour work in full view of customers

management features, with plenty of patio seating and shel-

enjoying their sandwiches, pastries and coffee. You can

tered, vertical bike parking for intermodal commuters.

witness bakers mixing and sheeting dough and baking
fresh bread and pastries throughout the day. This makes

The menu features all sorts of delicious beverage options,

Troubadour a destination for many young urban professionals

including pour over coffee in four varieties. Customers can

in the neighborhood.

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at Troubadour Bakery, as well as an opportunity to grab a loaf of

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