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"They are like a delicious
snickerdoodle with a
meringue on top. They
remind me of my childhood."
Allison Janney, Oscar winning actress

"The reviews were excellent and ever since they have been
Allison's favorite cookies," Hammons says. "From Hollywood,
to New York plays and movies, they are her taste of Dayton
to share. The excitement this year of her many awards from 'I,
Tonya' has led to countless dozens of Sand Tarts being made
and sold, not only in our shop, but shipped all over the country.

Dayton, Ohio, native Allison Janney enjoys her favorite cookies from Ashley's

They are a staple in her home, as well as a way to celebrate her

Pastry Shop.

many successes with her friends and colleagues."
"For many months we developed products, trained the teens,
In a recent interview with, Janney said people

and worked with staff," Theresa Hammons says. "The success

originally thought that she'd baked these delicious treats. "I

has been amazing. Teens learning a new trade, gaining work

said, 'No, they are from my favorite bakery in Dayton, Ohio.'

skills that they never witnessed, and feeling rewarded by

They are like a delicious snickerdoodle with a meringue on top.

achieving success. A little over a year ago they opened a new

They are soft and moist and chewy and so good. My mother

bakery facility with the opportunity to have more at-risk youths

used to have them in the house when I was growing up. They

learn job skills and gain employment. Our time, talents, and

remind me of my childhood."

treasures that we were able to share with Daybreak of Dayton
are changing lives each and every day."

This is high praise for a hometown bakery like Ashley's Pastry
Shop. Theresa Hammons knows that owning a business, espe-

At Ashley's Pastry Shop, the team of talented bakers, cake

cially a bakery, means that your job description seems like an

decorators, sales staff, cleaning staff, packers and delivery

encyclopedia. "However, my husband and I split our duties. He

drivers help create deliciousness every day. "Our team is our

handles production and delivery to commercial accounts and

family and they are a big help to our success," she says.

I handle staffing, customer service and product development.
We work jointly on ordering and community involvement."

From Sand Tarts to decorated cookies to tea cookies, "I like
to say a cookie in each hand is a balanced diet! Celebrating

The biggest success in the couple's career, Theresa says, was

something, saying it on a cookie makes it delicious." Hammons

a partnership with Daybreak of Dayton, an emergency shelter

adds that the path to Ashley's Pastry Shop's success was laid

for runaway and homeless youth in Dayton. When the shelter

with support from a great bakery community, including "our

needed a business for its youth to help them gain employment

vendors, Dawn Foods and BakeMark, which enable us to deliver

and work skills, the shelter decided to develop a gourmet dog

fresh quality products and help us to stay in touch with trends

treat bakery.

and new products."

The organization had the ļ¬nancial resources, but reached out to

Ashley's Pastry Shop has provided countless memories to

the Hammons for product development, training, bakery layout

share. Their hard work has earned many awards, "but the best

and sourcing of equipment and ingredients.

is the smile on our customer's face as they leave our shop." | MAY 2018 > 43

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