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Star Treatment
When Allison Janney won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress

The bakery is nestled in the Dayton suburb of Oakwood, a

earlier this year for her performance in the movie "I, Tonya,"

community that runs deep on tradition. The Wright Brothers

Greg and Theresa Hammons of Ashley's Pastry Shop in Janney's

mansion is less than a block from their steps. Countless inven-

hometown of Dayton, Ohio, celebrated right along with her.

tors have called Oakwood home; people love that it is considered a "dome," not a lot of changes.

It turns out Janney is a longtime fan of the signature Sand Tart
cookies sold at Ashley's Pastry Shop, which the Hammons first

"People love visiting our shop, where the aromas of fresh

opened in 1982. The couple named the bakery after their first

products are in the air, the cases are full of delicious treats

daughter, Ashley, and both daughters, Ashley and Lyndsay, worked

and we strive to provide the best customer experience

at the family bakery prior to embarking on their own careers.

possible," Hammons says. "Visiting our shop allows our
customers to remember their past while sharing treats with

"We opened our bakery 35 years ago," says Theresa Hammons,

their family and friends."

owner. "My husband's family owns Busken Bakery, and
he worked there for many years learning so much from a

One of the bakery's signature products are Sand Tarts, "loved

successful retail bakery. I worked for a division of Procter and

by everyone," she adds. Years ago, three Daytonians, Janney,

Gamble in marketing. We purchased our bakery from another

Rob Lowe and Martin Sheen, starred together on the hit televi-

successful Cincinnati bakery family, Servatii Pastry Shop. Our

sion show "The West Wing."

bakery is where you will open the door to the deliciousness
Hammons recalls sending them a taste of home, "our own Sand

breads and so much more."

Tarts," to share with the cast and crew.


of everything from donuts, Danishes, cakes, cookies, muffins,

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