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into large slabs, and deliver to the divider. Our chunkers are sized

For slicing and sandwich production, bakeries that are consid-

to the mixer and custom engineered to efficiently transport and

ering Erika Record slicing equipment tend to be almost exclu-

feed the divider (or dividers) with a minimal amount of work on

sively toward the wholesale side of production. Erika Record

the dough. FME dough chunkers deliver the dough in the state it

Baking Equipment is the exclusive distributor of Krumbein

came out of the mixer, so the customer controls the development

slicing equipiment in North America and the Caribbean.

of his dough, not the transport system," McIsaac says.
For hinge slicing, the Krumbein BBS-VE horizontal slicing
Reiser's innovative new cutting system, the VDP, provides the

solution enables bakeries to execute both complete, full cuts,

ultimate in weight control and flexibility. Like Reiser's tradi-

as well as hinge cuts into breads, rolls, hoagies, subs, and

tional cutter, this machine cuts at high rates of speed in two

baguettes. These machines feature an adjustable blade depth

lanes. However dual servo motors drive the knives. No more

and are often used for slicing products such as hamburger and

mechanical side-to-side adjustment - instead, it's done at the

dog buns, as well as Kaiser and sub sandwich rolls. 

touch of a button.
For even larger production environments such as commissary
The system is usually set to automatically react to downstream

production, Krumbein VSM solutions can be incorporated into

conditions. For example, if the left moulder goes down, the

production lines to facilitate ongoing slicing. Krumbein also

divider stops, runs dough only to the right at the speed the

offers complete, custom build sandwich production stations

moulder can handle. When the offline moulder comes back on

that include slicing, condiment depositing and sandwich prepa-

line, so does the second lane of the divider.

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