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remanufactured Koenig does the job (availability based on
currently machine inventory and remanufacturing queue).
Scaling accuracy is also critical to production efficiencies. As
the "cash register" of the line, accuracy starts with the divider.
The divider is where money is made or lost. Bakers must ask,
"Can this divider accurately scale my product?"
"We love this question as nobody tops a Vemag for scaling
accuracy," McIsaac says. "Our Vemag dough divider features
double-screw pumping technology that sets a high benchmark
for scaling accuracy. The double-screw has always produced
great scaling while minimizing the work on the product. We
have made improvements to our double-screw technology, as
well as improvements in how dough travels into and through
the double-screw. We have made larger pockets within the
double-screw. This means slower speeds for the same output."
Erika Record offers multiple innovations within the bread
baking industry throughout each phase of production. For retail
markets, Erika Record divider/rounders feature an innovative
removable head system that facilitates both cleaning, as well as
being able to accommodate a wide array of weight ranges with
a single machine. This means you can make multiple products
with just one machine. 
When it comes to baking and ovens for both retail and wholesale markets, Erika Record offers cyclothermic baking with its
Tagliavini Termik line. Cyclothermic technology provides an
even and consistent bake, as well as a hearty crust, and boasts
quicker temperature recovery in comparison to their steamtube counterparts, according to Cindy Chananie, sales consultant for Erika Record. "This enables bakeries to quickly shift
towards making a larger variety of different bread products,"
Chananie says. "Temperature adjustments can be made within
hours, whereas adjustments for steam-tube ovens can take
entire work shifts to achieve."
Automating the process
In terms of automation, Reiser can help in a few ways, both
upstream and downstream of the divider, McIsaac says. Reiser

Reiser provides FME dough chunkers. "The dough chunkers fit
well with our philosophy to have the least impact on the dough
as one can. Dough chunkers receive the mixer output, portion it

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has a team of engineers who are experts at integrating lines.

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