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Choosing a versatile dough divider is the first step toward

a tight crumb structure white bread, he can do so on the same

improving efficiency in sandwich bread production, one that

divider with a simple changeover," McIsaac says.

can easily produce a wide range of sandwich breads.
One of the easiest ways retail and wholesale bakeries can
Bakers must ask, Can the divider run more than a single type of

improve efficiency in the production of both breads and other

product? Will it be able to run the products we want to run in

products is to identify when it makes sense to invest in equip-

the future? Will it be able to run the variety of products I need

ment, according to Craig Kominiak, sales consultant for Erika

to fully utilize my line?

Record Baking Equipment.

"Efficiencies can be improved in a number of ways: from

As a general rule of thumb, equipment purchasing tends to

versatility in your dough divider to portioning accuracy to

make financial sense for bakeries that are spending a large

having the ability to add high-speed, multi-lane function-

chunk of time producing a product and/or using a large portion

ality to your line," says John McIsaac, vice president, strategic

of labor to address production.

combines the advantages of pocket divider quality with extru-

"In our experience, retail bakers often make the jump into one

sion divider efficiencies into one machine. The Vemag is easily

of our industry leading divider/rounder solutions when they

adjustable to produce a wide range of exact-weight portions,

find themselves hand scaling, hand dividing, and/or hand

crumb structures and dough absorptions."

rounding for hours at a time during a typical day," Kominiak
says. "Likewise, they may also consider our divider/rounder

The Vemag divider is based on double-screw technology.

equipment if multiple employees are being dedicated to

With a fully adjustable vacuum system and fully adjustable

their bread making process. For wholesale bakeries, they will

hopper infeed system, Reiser can match the system to the

consider our automatic, multi-row divider/rounder options

product and the rates. The machine is recipe driven and

when they have maxed out production using our traditional

variables are simply changed from product to product with

divider/rounder options."

minimal operator intervention. "We also have the option of
swapping out the double-screw for big changes in product. If

For retail bakeries, the Erika Record Semi RH Divider/Rounder

a customer wants to run a fully open variety bread, as well as

is a great option as an entry level model. For wholesale, a

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business development for Reiser. "Our Vemag Dough Divider

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