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Glamorize Your Line
With demand for premium chocolate on the rise, bakers, cake

Some of the products are even small enough to be utilized as

decorators and pastry chefs enjoy an ever-growing list of innova-

a topper or decoration for myriad concepts. The range offers

tive products to elevate their cakes, pastries and baked goods.

filled inclusions that can create a different texture experience for
consumers. The Gertrude Hawk portfolio also includes different

Barry Callebaut has a large portfolio of solutions that adds

flavored and colored shapes, giving chefs endless options to

wonderful flavors and vibrant colors to products, allowing

customize their offering with unique flavors and colors.

pastry and chocolate chefs to construct creations that continuously engage and interest consumers.

color decorations on top of pastries and desserts," says Laura
Bergan, director of innovation and market development at
Barry Callebaut.
Decorations like Mona Lisa's curls add elegance and sophistication to the average pastry and dessert that consumers can't
replicate at home. Barry Callebaut's mini colored and flavored
chips are small enough to be used as playful, fun toppings or
decoration to pastries, desserts, cupcakes and even ice cream.
These chips offer pastry shops and confectioners a versatile
and easy-to-use solution for inclusions and decorations.
Barry Callebaut also offers pastry/chocolate chefs inclusions
from its robust Gertrude Hawk Ingredients portfolio, which allow
for even more creativity and imagination with chocolate, Bergan
says. The Gertrude Hawk product line further expands the Barry
Callebaut offering of multi-sensorial experiences for consumers.
Gertrude Hawk offers solid and filled chocolate in addition to
compound pieces that can be molded into any shape. Most
popular are the peanut butter and caramel filled mini cups,
which can be used within a baked good, snack or ice cream as
an inclusion.

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Belgian chocolate maker Callebaut announced it is
introducing a new flavor and color to its finest Belgian
chocolate range. The brand-new caramel chocolate "gold" will
join the ranks of the classic dark, milk and white chocolate.
With this new recipe, Callebaut offers chefs a chance to
indulge their customers with the popular flavor of caramel.
Gold chocolate is produced entirely in Belgium from the
bean. Callebaut Gold became available to chefs and artisans
in April.
Gold chocolate brings a warm caramel and amber color
with a golden hue to gourmet and artisan creations. The
intense, balanced chocolate adds an unexpected injection of
caramel flavor to any dessert with its rich tones of toffee,
butter, and cream.
For years, caramel has been a popular element in the ranges
of chocolatiers, bakers and pastry chefs and on the menus
of many restaurant chefs. Yearly sales prove its popularity and show that consumers are paying more for caramel
chocolate than for some traditional chocolate flavors.


"We've found that consumers are attracted to our Mona Lisa

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