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younger consumers grew up with technology and

18-34 said that their ordering decision is influenced by

their facility with it allows them to use technology to

what others are ordering. By contrast, 37% of those

make their lives more convenient."

surveyed between the ages of 35-54 and 25% of those
may be just a classic generational difference, younger

included for the first time since the project began in

consumers are far more likely to use the group's pref-

2014. Paired with questions related to human interac-

erences to shape their own dining decisions.

tion, the study provided a rich, complex picture of the


needs and wants of younger consumers. Here are four

Millennial and Gen Z consumers view dining experi-

takeaways that the study found on consumer atti-

ences as social experiences that should be celebrated

tudes towards technology and human interaction:

through sharing on social media. The study found that


58% of the consumers surveyed between ages18-34

Despite the fact that younger consumers like to use

said that they like to take pictures to share on social

technology to make ordering quick and error-free, the

media when dining with a group. By contrast, 44%

study revealed that Millennials and Gen Z consumers

of those surveyed between the ages of 35-54 and

are some of the most appreciative demographics

22% of those aged 55 and older said the same thing.

when it comes to quality customer service and posi-

Additionally, 39% of those between ages 18-34 say

tive in-person interaction. 64% of those surveyed

that they think about whether a restaurant is a good

between the ages of 18-34 years said they would

place for photos when going out to eat and 38%

love to go to a restaurant where the server calls them

say they have dined at a restaurant before with the

by their name. By contrast, 58% of those surveyed

express purpose of sharing a photo on social media.

between the ages of 35-54 and 54% of those aged 55


and older said the same thing. It seems the pervasive-

Younger consumers may be quicker to embrace

ness of technology has upped the need for quality

technology in foodservice because they value quick-


ness and convenience as a generation. 48% of those


between ages 18-34 say they prefer using kiosks or

Dining outside the home is considered a great way

touch screens to order because it's quicker compared

to catch up with friends. Young consumers like to

to 32% of those between the ages of 35-54 and only

share food, swap bites and are, in general, more

12% of those ages 55 and older. Young consumers'

influenced by what their peers order than their older

ease in opting for technology when they need quick-

counterparts. The 2018 Mindful Dining Study found

ness and convenience is a reflection on how they use

that 50% of the consumers surveyed between ages

technology as a tool.

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aged 55 and older said the same thing. Though it
Questions on consumer-facing technology were

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