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Jenny LaPaugh, senior director of global market

bakery products or other foods based on sites like

research and insights for Dawn Foods, points out that

Yelp or Facebook. Younger shoppers give a lot of

Dawn research shows that independent retail bakeries

weight to recommendations from friends on social

are growing in both size and number. "People love

media. They are using mobile technology to find

supporting local bakeries," she says. "Millennials want

bakeries and share what they've had.

to be in the know - how a business is supporting the
local community. Bakeries can take advantage of that."

"That's where they are going to seek out unique
experiences," says LaPaugh, adding that "foodie

Dawn created the Innovation Studio for this exact

expression" is a key insight from Dawn Foods related

reason of helping independent retail bakeries thrive

to millennials wanting to connect and share. "Bakeries

and innovate. LaPaugh says they invite customers

can fuel that obsession with memorable items.

to the bakery research and development center,

Convenience is definitely important. Millennials tend

located in Jackson, Michigan, for innovation sessions

to make less trips overall, but when they go some-

to generate new product ideas. One example is Dawn

where, they spend more."

customer Hurts Donut's pickle donut, which went viral
this year on social media.

Beth Fahey, co-owner of Creative Cakes in Tinley
Park, Illinois, cites her own bakery's sales trends in the

"We co-create new recipes and products," LaPaugh

past year when she points out that customer counts

says. "It's been a great resource. We continue to

are down, but average sales per trip are up.

support independent bakeries."
Creative Cakes recently opened a sales-only office
45 minutes from the bakery's production facility in

consumers are most likely to choose a place to buy

efforts to capture new customers.


According to Dawn consumer insights, millennial

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