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What do younger consumers want?
Bakery experts share these valuable insights.


Among the masses of marketers on the Internet,

three percent of food merchants are approved to join.

there's one website, in particular, that independent

Current popular items include Momofuku Milk Bar's

retail bakeries need to know. It's called

Crack Pie, Dorothy Lane Market's Killer Brownies and
New York City's Ess-a-Bagels. According to Goldbely,

Tina Rexing, owner of T-Rex Cookie in Minneapolis,

the company managed the shipment, logistics and

Minnesota, ditched a 20-year corporate career to

customer service for more than 200,000 food orders

make a name for herself as a cookie baker. Her giant

in 2016 when it witnessed a 200 percent increase in

cookies baked in small batches became such a hit

customers. Orders are individually packaged by the

that agreed to sell them on its highly

company's 300-plus food partners with available

curated online platform.

delivery to all 50 states.

Since its founding in 2013, Goldbely's team of "food

"Our platform empowers small business owners and

explorers" seeks out the best local foods across the

regional food makers and evens out the playing field

country and subjects them to quality assurance tests

with big chain retailers and online mega-brands," says

to ensure fresh and prompt delivery every time. Only

Joe Ariel, the CEO and co-founder of Goldbely. | MAY 2018 > 27

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