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throughout Massachusetts celebrated the event with
special demonstrations which showed guests how to
make some of the bakery's famous menu items.
In Chicago, one of America's oldest bakeries, Roeser's
Bakery, founded in 1911, gave away a free funfetti
donut with every purchase. It also held special raffles
for items such as coffee cake and cookies. Finally,
the bakery sold a custom cookie with 100% of the
proceeds going to hurricane relief efforts in Puerto
Rico and Mexico.
For every purchase made on National Bakery Day,
Jarosch Bakery in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, donated
$1 to the Elk Grove Food Pantry, which has been
serving Elk Grove since 1988. Cash donations help
the pantry purchase fresh produce, meat, and paper
goods for local residents in need.

RBA president John
Lupo encourages

professionally designed artwork features fun slogans

Darla Julin, a certified decorator and owner of

such as "Keep Your Dough Local" and "Feed Your

Fantasies in Frosting, in Fargo, North Dakota, said

Knead for Local."

her cake shop gave away purple measuring cups with
every $10 purchase.

local bakeries to get
involved this year.

Bakeries use these promotional materials in creative
ways, but the creativity doesn't stop there. Stories

"People need to remember that retail bakeries, if you

poured in from all over the US of interesting ways that

don't support them, they're not going to be around,"

the bakery holiday was being recognized. For starters,

Julin says.

several local and state governments officially recogOther notable bakeries joined the campaign with
special discounts. Founded in 1924, Helen Bernhard

"Bakeries play such
an important part
of the fabric of
their community."

Bakery in Portland, Oregon, celebrated National

John Lupo, RBA president and owner of Grandma's Bakery

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Bakery Day with specials of 93 cent donuts and
cakes for $19.24. Helen Bernhard Bakery was established in 1924, beginning, as many bakeries did in
those early days, by baking cakes for neighbors and

Social media was buzzing with posts during last
nized National Bakery Day. Governor Bruce Rauner

year's debut of National Bakery Day.

of Illinois, Governor Mark Dayton of Minnesota, and
many more government officials signed proclama-

The #NationalBakeryDay hashtag was used more

tions recognizing Thursday, Sept. 28, 2017 as National

than 700 times to promote the day on Instagram.

Bakery Day.
On Twitter, RBA saw 17,200 impressions during the
Bakeries both big and small got in on the action.

week of National Bakery Day (almost 12,000 more

2016 James Beard Foundation Outstanding Baker

than the prior week) while bake saw 18,400 impres-

Joanne Chang and her Flour Bakery + Café locations

sions (5,500 more than the prior week).

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