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Bite-sized treats have never been more in-demand, with customers seeking smaller portions that still satisfy their sweet
tooth. One company in Chicago understands this well.
XO Marshmallow opened its doors in June of 2017. The gourmet marshmallow company first gained traction online, increasing its customer base from March 2016 until the following year,
when it launched a dedicated Kickstarter campaign that raised
nearly $10,000 to take it to the next level with a brick-andmortar location.
The first-ever marshmallow cafe in Chicago provides gourmet
flavors that can't be found anywhere else in the area. Popular mainstays like lavender honey, bourbon and green tea are
joined by other distinct flavors like cookies and cream and
Champagne. One unique favorite appeals to Chicago's many
Harry Potter fans - butterbeer, which is made with a homemade butterbeer sauce swirled in. The flavor is described as a
butterscotch and cream soda hybrid.
XO Marshmallow cycles in special monthly and seasonal offerings that keep its lineup fresh and exciting. A recent limitededition flavor was Avocado Toast, a take on the popular brunch
trend. This marshmallow is made with real avocado, chia seeds,
pepper, and lemon juice for a savory and sweet treat. The
"toast" layer is buttery with a lightly toasted flavor.
Continuing with the brunch theme, XO's May flavor of the
month is Mimosa. Fruity, sweet, and made with real Champagne
and orange juice, this marshmallow can be enjoyed as a snack
on its own or can be used as a fun topping.
The dessert shop doesn't limit itself to marshmallows, however. It reimagines everything from the classic s'mores and
rice crispy treats to whoopie pies and the increasingly popular

Promising to make customers "feel like a kid again," XO Marshmallow has begun offering marshmallow decorating classes.
Guests learn how XO makes its marshmallows. Then, they get
to decorate a 6-inch by 6-inch slab of gourmet vanilla marshmallows and take home a special treat.

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marshmallow fluff available in many flavors.

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