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"We made three dozen
brioche donuts the
first day, and they
were gone in a second."
Rachel Crampsey, owner of Montclair Bread Co.

owners, but it is currently the biggest driver of sales for
Crampsey. Her staff loves to post donut photos on the
bakery's Instagram feed and they enjoy using this platform
to interact with customers. "At least once an hour, a new
customer walks through the door and tells us they had
to come in because they just saw XYZ on Instagram. It is
important to have great photos. Don't just post to post."
Drawing from her childhood, Crampsey likes to take classic,
approachable desserts that people are very familiar with and
figure out ways to turn them into donuts.
Her grandmother made wedding cakes for a living. She
would give Rachel a paper plate to decorate while she
worked on the actual cake. "I learned how to write my
name in buttercream using a pastry bag before I could hold
a pencil," Crampsey says. "Baking, from a very early age,
represented a way to connect with my grandmother. She's
still my first call when I screw something up and need to
figure out a way to fix it or when I need the perfect recipe

Techniques for
PHO-Free Donuts
Bakers looking for true PHO-free drop-in replacements for
donut frying applications need look no further than the
innovative donut fry shortenings from Stratas Foods. 
"Fortunately for donuts, this is what I consider to be
in many cases a true drop-in replacement," says Mitch
Riavez, national accounts manager for Stratas Foods and a
fourth-generation baker. Whether you use a PHO-free palm
shortening or a PHO-free soybean-based shortening from
Stratas, "they both work equally as well."
Primex Golden Flex Donut Fry is a zero grams trans-fat, allpurpose soybean-based shortening, designed to handle the
most demanding frying situations. It works great in the donut
fryer and in many other heavy-duty frying applications. 
Super Fry Soy Flex is a domestic soybean-based
shortening that offers a creamier, more consistent texture, a
wide temperature range and contains no tropical oils. Super
Fry Soy Flex is a zero grams trans-fat donut fry shortening
that is great for a multitude of deep frying applications in
bakeries and donut shops. 
Super Fry Z Palm Donut Fry Shortening is a zero grams
trans-fat, all-purpose palm frying shortening, designed to
handle the most demanding frying situations.

from her little orange box of index cards."
Today, Crampsey channels her passion for baking and
tremendous energy into a rewarding career that provides
for her family. "They are my reason for everything," she
says. "On Mother's Day 2015, there was a line which went
out the door of the bakery and all the way to the end of the
block from 7 a.m. until we finally sold out of donuts around
11 a.m. That line has continued to form every weekend
since. It represents so much. They want to come back
week after week and they want to bring their friends and
families. I get a little teary-eyed whenever that line forms. I
also get an overwhelming sense of pride because that line
means that I can support my family and the families of the

When working with palm or soybean-based donut fry
shortenings, there are subtle differences you should take
note of, Riavez says.
When frying in a palm shortening, especially with cake
donuts, you'll have a slightly more open grain or cell
structure. Remember because there is 35% to 38% fat
absorption in a cake donut, the taste and mouthfeel can
be slightly different when using palm.
Stick with a hard fat for any of your donut frying
applications. Don't make the mistake of frying donuts
in liquid shortening. "It's not actually a very good idea,"
Riavez says. "It won't set up on the outside of the donut
very well, and it won't allow icings, or powdered sugars,
to adhere as well."

people who work at Montclair Bread Co. That's huge."
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