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originally intended to be a French teacher) and enrolled
in the Culinary Institute of America's baking and pastry
program. She went on to bake for Bread Alone in Boiceville,
New York, Amy's Bread in New York City, The Patisserie in
Milford, Pennsylvania, and Tribeca Oven in Carlstadt, New
Jersey, before opening her bakery in 2012.
Baking at Amy's Bread was a valuable experience. "Amy
Scherber (founder of Amy's Bread) is, was, and always will
be my greatest mentor and inspiration. I came to her as
a brand new baker in 2005. It was at Amy's Bread that I
really learned to bake. Her breads are top notch. Moreover,
she taught me how to be a strong business woman without
losing my sense of self. She nurtures and inspires her staff.
She's hands-on in the bakery every day even after 20
successful years. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't
think 'What would Amy do?' - be kind, bake from your
heart and everything else will fall into place."
One of her favorite products to make is brioche dough. She
loves the interactive process in which the butter has to be
added to the dough bit by bit while you watch it mix. They
make up to 11 batches of brioche dough every day. "I never
get tired of adding those bits of butter. Then, I really baby
the dough with gentle folds and lots of rest. In the end,
if I did everything right, I'm rewarded with a light, fluffy,
buttery donut for my efforts."
Her bakery's menu changes seasonally. She visits the local
farmers' market every Saturday morning to see what is
newly harvested. Crampsey is always trying to come up
with new ways to incorporate seasonal fruits and veggies
into the mix. Donuts offer so many possibilities - glazes,
fillings, jams and toppings. "We created a donut using
ground cherries (sometimes called husk cherries)! It's also
fun to introduce our customers to something they might
not have tried before."
She understands that more and more consumers want to
know where their food comes from, which is why education is such a huge part of the bakery's recent expansion.
Montclair Bread moonlights as a community education
center where they teach baking classes.
Another big trend in food is the use of Instagram to
promote sales, she says. It's often overlooked by business

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