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conversion opportunities rises. Becoming
well-versed in digital shopping fundamentals and optimizing price and promotional
factors can unlock the hidden potential in
a matrixed retail landscape, according to
Time-tested display ideas
For traditional store shoppers, there are a
wide range of strategies you can employ in
your store to maximize impulse sales.
According to Structural Concepts
Corporation, the following are helpful store
design tips:
x A black interior makes your case disappear and your fresh, colorful products
x Create a colorful border around your
fresh products using larger platters.
x Tiered glass shelving allows maximum
visibility on every level.
x Adjust shelves to accommodate a
variety of merchandise and to add
visual interest.
Winner of a 2018 Kitchen Innovations Award
from the National Restaurant Association,
Reveal from Structural Concepts is a versatile food display case that blends in with
its surroundings. It's simple and minimal in
appearance so you see the food, not the
display. The European-influenced design
features frameless insulated glass complemented by superior refrigeration performance, clean lines and simple shelving.
Advanced engineering in glass technology
is evident in Reveal's frameless glass display.
The UV-bonded double pane glass design
ensures safe food temperatures and a
condensation-free display. With Reveal
models, displays can be built into counters,
walls, or other millwork pieces to blend with
and complement the interior design. They
can also be used as freestanding displays to
accent any décor. This flexibility offers limitless possibilities for customization. | MON 2018 > 33

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