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our new


"The gentle cold technology OCF uses

preserved aesthetics and taste.

for their displays ensures the fresh-

There is no dehydration achieved

ness of the products," Imberechts says.

with superior low-speed airflow

"The products will not dry out, so less

using micro ventilation technology.

products have to be discarded. The
fresh products will guarantee returning



Also, be aware that for high-ticket
items like special occasion cakes, some

In addition, having the right lighting

customers may be browsing at your


stores to turn around and buy online.

"OCF patented lights improve the colors

This practice, according to Nielsen,

of your products by adding colors to

is called "showrooming," and is no

their lights. It makes products more

longer confined to realms like the auto

visible. The more products stand out,

and fashion industries. Showrooming

the more you sell."

describes consumers' interaction with
a physical store to examine products

Other advantages of OCF refrigerated

before they buy them online. This


phenomenon will be key to retailer

x Enhanced, unobstructed presenta-


tion and protected visibility of food
x Invisible bonding of the glass for

Nearly 75% of food shoppers have used
a physical store to "showroom" before

purchasing online, according to Nielsen.
complete focus on your products.                                 

From hand-made Royal Icing and
Gum Paste decorations to Dusts,
Gems, Flowers, sprays and
more...Find it and shop online.
* Cake Boards
* Deco Dusts
* Dragees
* Edible Gems
* Gum Paste Deco.

* Luster Sprays, Etc.
* Pastry Bags
* Royal Icing Deco.
* Textured Rolling Pins
* Wafer Flowers

x OCF exclusive warm air stream
prevents condensation.
x Sales enticing patented LED

The store is still pivotal to the shopper
experience, and there's opportunity to

lighting that does not heat up the

convert showroomers or drive online

products and has a special tint that

purchases through one's own online

allows products to pop up.

retail platforms. As the number of shop-

x Prolonged product freshness with

ping trips declines, the cost of missed

Blanc Display Group, an industry leader in signage and displays, has partnered with Evolis, a thermal printer manufacturer, to bring the Edikio line
of all-in-one price labeling systems to its customers. The compact printers produce customized on-demand price tags in seconds. Geared toward
businesses of every type and size, from supermarket chains to convenience
stores and everything in between, Blanc Display Group offers an Edikio
printer-Access, Flex, and Duplex-to meet every need and price point ranging from $690 to $2,190 with additional discounts based on volume sales.

800-325-3326 * Fax 516-676-6076

Designed with time-saving, customization, and convenience in mind, the
all-inclusive Edikio price tag printing systems create clean, clear messaging
in seconds. In addition to the Evolis Edikio printers, Blanc Display Group
offers complementary consumables including assorted ribbons, blank tags,
customized printed tags, attachments, accessories and more. http://WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/AVALONDECO

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