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inventive displays
Your store environment influences most
shoppers on whether to make impulse purchases.
What bakery shoppers see, smell and hear affects

your image and convince certain shoppers that your

Having display

what they decide to buy. Industry statistics show that

products are not worth the price.

cases that put

60% of food quality perception is based on the store

the focus on the


"It's all about freshness. Keeping the products fresh

products is crucial

But in today's ever-changing retail world, which is

fresh with the right lighting," says Luc Imberechts,

to success.

facing stiff competition from the continuous surge of

owner of Bakon USA Food Equipment. "An OCF

online shopping, it is more imperative than ever to put

display is beautifully built with high quality materials

your best image forward to create a memorable expe-

but, in fact, puts the focus on the products inside

rience for customers inside your retail stores.

the case."

One useful strategy that gets overlooked involves

Engineered with patented lighting and food preserva-

swapping out select items in your display cases

tion technology, OCF displays provide operators with

throughout the day. Adjusting your product presen-

a reliable solution for quality and visually appealing

tation to the occasion (breakfast, lunch, snacking,

presentation. The measured impact of effective food

dinner, late-night treats) can do wonders for trig-

presentations is a 25% and higher increase in impulse

gering higher impulse sales, a critical key to success

sales, according to Bakon USA Food Equipment. 

in fresh bakery.
European-made OCF refrigerated display cases for
Be sure to invest in the top display cases your opera-

pastry and chocolate products are now available in

tion can afford. Skimping on costs here can damage

North America exclusively through Bakon USA.

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with the right technology and making sure they look

freshness of your

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