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April 2018 / Issue 4


a profound influence
Attending WheatStalk 2018, the key conference of the Bread

having an unclear vision, and inability to lead a team) and best

Bakers Guild of America, proved to be an inspirational event for

advice prior to opening (go to work in a bakery first, learn how

more reasons than I expected. The educational program was

to manage people, know that everything takes twice the time

amazing, the venue (Johnson & Wales University in Providence,

at twice the cost, and keep personal risk as low as possible).

Rhode Island) was top class, and the people - new friends and

Scherber founded Amy's Bread, with seven retail locations in

old - reminded me of why the bakery business is so much like

New York City and a wholesale baking facility in Queens, 25

a close-knit family.

years ago. Chang opened Flour Bakery + Cafe in 2000 and
expanded the business to seven locations throughout Boston.

Never underestimate the influence of the diligent work of all
bakers and the lasting memories you create for your customers.

Listening to their insightful words of wisdom was compelling,
and yet what struck me most is when Scherber was moved to

And sometimes the influence of any bakery goes beyond the

tears when she described the emotions of seeing customers

taste of your products and permeates deeply into the fabric of

lined up at her bakery's doors in the aftermath of the Sept.

your neighborhood community.

11 attacks. Scherber recalled not knowing what to expect,
or whether the bakery should even open. When customers

Two leading bakery owners, Amy Scherber and Joanne Chang,

showed up, she understood how a bakery can be so influential

shared valuable ideas in a WheatStalk lecture about starting

to a community. Chang shared her similar experience in Boston

and growing a bakery. They offered their top four mistakes

and reminded those in attendance, "You are the place that

of starting a bakery (being underfunded, lack of consistency,

people come to, because it's a safe place."

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