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x Thirty-two percent of consumers eat dessert
after a meal at least twice a week
x Forty-six percent of consumers' dessert
occasions are planned (rather than impulse)

x Forty-eight percent of consumers say they are
willing to pay more for desserts that are made
from scratch

Ethical foods to go

Consumers under 35 are willing to pay extra to eat

Environmental issues rate highly with the same

more ethically while on-the-go. Roughly two-thirds

group of consumers who want their desserts and

of consumers under 35 said they'd be willing to

meals delivered more often. Ethics On the Go, a new

pay more for ethically produced food that they can

report from Culinary Visions Panel's Mindful Dining

grab on-the-go, compared to 55 percent of overall

Initiative project, finds that younger consumers have


increased expectations for ethical snacks and grabThis fact creates an exciting opportunity for foodser-

and-go foods.

vice operators to expand their menu offerings and
In this study, 1,500 US consumers were surveyed

tap into young consumers' desire for ethical snacks

about their attitudes towards ethically-sourced foods

and grab-and-go foods.

and how they impact their dining choices of portable
While ethical grab-and-go foods may seem a niche

and grab-and-go foods outside the home.

concept for foodservice operators, it highlights the
The study finds that while all consumers care about

high expectations consumers under 35 have for

ethical eating, consumers under 35 years pay the

dining outside the home. Offering products and

closest attention to responsible practices behind

services tailored to their needs is vital to success


and to meet the needs of this growth in demand.


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