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Prepare yourself for a new generation
of shoppers who demand delivery.
Consumers are slowly shifting away from the traditional

bring its signature donuts to recipients this past

Left: Dot.Box crate

view of dessert as a post-meal occasion and are increas-

Valentine's Day. There were only a select number

liners are a new in-

ingly defining dessert as an anytime occasion, according

of spots available, so the winged, diaper-wearing

novation designed

to Technomic's 2017 Dessert Consumer Trend Report.

individuals were in high demand in several cities. The

delivery containers.

"Portable desserts like milkshakes, smoothies and fruit

box of donuts featuring such flavors as a chocolate-

Right: CakeSafe

are increasingly popular for anytime occasions like

covered strawberry donut.

offers a new ver-

snacking and replacing meals," explains Kelly Weikel,

sion of its shipping

director of consumer insights at Technomic. "Greater

Prices for the donut deliveries ranged from $20 to

boxes specifically

opportunity exists to drive off-peak traffic by positioning

$25 depending on the city. Last Halloween, Hurts

for cupcakes.

desserts as craveable, stand-alone occasions throughout

Donut made headlines when it used costumed evil

the day or by emphasizing the snackable nature of top

clowns to deliver donuts to customers, inspired by

desserts like fruit, cookies, brownies and ice cream."

last year's release of the horror movie "It."

What this trend means to bakeries and bakery cafes is

Demand is soaring for delivery

evident. A huge opportunity exists today to leverage

Remember that takeout service and delivery

signature desserts as a "carrot" to entice shoppers

are increasingly popular, especially for younger

to order dessert ahead of time for in-store pickup or

consumers who are accustomed to ordering every-

even home delivery, if your operation offers delivery

thing on their phones.

or is connected to a delivery service.
New convenience-enabling technologies, like mobile
More bakeries are doing exactly that. Springfield,

ordering and delivery apps, are a bright spot in an

Missouri-based Hurts Donut stores hired "Cupid" to

otherwise slow period for the restaurant industry,

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deliveries came with a special pink Valentine's Day

to fit into existing

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