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Promoting local and heritage grains continues to be a
popular movement today, and WheatStalk instructor
Mac McConnell demonstrated techniques to make
breads with alternative and whole grains such as
khorasan wheat, known commercially as kamut.
"The beauty of kamut, or khorasan, is it drinks up a
lot of water. It makes for an easy baguette to shape
because the dough is extremely extensible. It also
colors really well in the oven," he says.
Another instructor, Don Guerra, the owner and head
baker for Barrio Bread in Tucson, Arizona, spoke
about the importance of quality when starting a
community-supported bakery. Guerra is committed
to working with local farmers, chefs, and other food
producers to strengthen the local grain economy and
One of the true values of WheatStalk for Bread Bakers Guild of
America members was the opportunity to share connections.

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