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with the party. You want to create an explosion of
flavor in one bite. If a customer is going to pay $2 for
a macaron, it has to have that wow factor, if you want
to see them again. Don't be shy. Go for real flavor. It
has to be good. You have to use the best ingredients."
Solveig Tofte, founder and head baker at Sun Street
Breads in Minneapolis, impressed the audience with
her "party bread" made with whole wheat flour,
sesame seeds and white cheese curds.
"We're always creating flavor memories," Tofte says of
the role of the artisan baker.
WheatStalk is a members-only event for members of
the Bread Bakers Guild of America, which assembled
the best and brightest minds of artisan baking in one
place for three days of lectures, demos, hands-on
classes, and baking conversation. Mentors, masters,
and members shared their knowledge, creating the
opportunity for Bread Bakers Guild members to
strengthen their community of artisans who value
education and the pursuit of quality.
Bread Bakers Guild of America board chair Jeff
Yankellow said the purpose of the successful
WheatStalk event is to continue to build strong ties
and a sense of community within the baking community through education and sharing.
"The most important reason is to get together with
like-minded people and to share the passion and share
the education," Yankellow says. "The connections and
relationships we build are the most valuable."
WheatStalk participants learned many techniques
from instructors including Rachel Crampsey, who led
a class on donuts, crullers and churros.
Harry Peemoeller led a class on rustic German bread,
rolls and snack ideas, and Charles Niedermyer II, chef
instructor at the Pennsylvania College of Technology,
demonstrated a modern approach to classic
Solveig Tofte and Pierre Zimmermann shared "greatest hits" of
the Assembly of Extraordinary Bakers, including a sesame whole
wheat bread with cheese curds and hazelnut macarons.

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