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WheatStalk 2018 provides a valuable lesson
for all - quality and community matter.
A new word to describe the breads and pastries

Naruse demonstrated a number of innovative prod-

being developed by leading bakers in America

ucts, including Pâte Levée Feuilletée, a croissant

Macrina Bakery

was used by industry leaders time and again at

dough imbued with rich butter flavor that provides a

pastry chef Jane

WheatStalk, the headline conference of the Bread

platform for various crispy crust, moist crumb Danish

Cho demonstrated

Bakers Guild of America.

pastries. Another unique pastry demonstrated by

creative ideas for

Naruse was Gateau Brioche Noix, a brioche dough

flavorful pies.

That word is "elevated." As in, elevated vienoisserie,

mixed for an unusually short time to limit gluten

elevated flavors and elevated techniques.

development, which gives the final product a texture
and mouthfeel similar to pound cake.


WheatStalk 2018, held Feb. 27-March 1 at Johnson
& Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island,

Acclaimed bread bakers Solveig Tofte and Pierre

featured leading bakers from around the globe and

Zimmermann, organizers of the Assembly of

delivered an outstanding program that included

Extraordinary Bakers, shared the stage to demon-

groundbreaking trends such as "elevated viennoi-

strate a wide variety of breads and pastries, including

serie," as demonstrated by WheatStalk instructor

flavorful hazelnut macarons and brioche with cham-

Tadashi Naruse, who coached Japan's victory in the

pagne. Zimmermann shared that his La Fournette

2012 Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie (Bakery

Bakery and Café in Chicago now offers "tchin-tchin"

World Cup).

macarons inspired by famous cocktails (like a Moscow
Mule). Tchin-tchin means cheers in French.

"He is a true master with products that are breathtaking," said Jeffrey Hamelman of Naruse, who is

"At our bakery, we created this new line of macarons

dedicated to crafting a "consciously delicious combi-

that are for customers in their 20s who are not buying

nation of flavors."

macarons every day," he says. "They are fun and go | APR 2018 > 19

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