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The Review Effect
Review websites have become a big part of how businesses of

"Yelp is basically what the customers think and say. If you have

all kinds reach people. In today's culture, consumers will look

a quality product, you give the customers what they want, and

to what others have said about an establishment before giving

you make the customers happy with good customer service,

it their business. That is no truer than when it comes to restau-

then you'll be a five-star," Athena says.

rants, bakeries, and other foodservice establishments.
Savvy businesses can use review sites as a form of marketing.
Through its dedication to pairing consumers with the right

Word-of-mouth has long been the most influential way for

businesses, Yelp has established itself as the go-to guide for

customers to find businesses, and Yelp and other review

all things local. Many of these consumers are looking for food.

websites have turned that into an instantaneous concept, much

According to Yelp's metrics from the end of 2017, 17% of its 170

like social media has done for communication.

average monthly users search for restaurants.
In another sense, review sites can be a learning experience.
Reviews can make or break a foodservice establishment, and

When a customer gives a bad review or rating, it is an oppor-

nobody knows that better than the owners of TKB Bakery &

tunity for a business to see what it can improve upon and

Deli in Indio, California. In each of the past four years, it has

ultimately create a better atmosphere. TKB (which stands for

made it into the top of Yelp's rankings of the Top 100 Places to

The Kid's Business) is family-run, with Athena's three children

Eat in the United States, and this year took the No. 1 spot.

presiding over the operations. Brandon, Nathan and Melina
have worked hard to take Athena's ideals of dedication to

This list is determined by a compilation of ratings and reviews,

service and quality recipes and have turned the bakery into one

something of which TKB founder Athena Sippel truly knows the

of the most successful businesses in the Coachella Valley.

they were little kids. I had visions and dreams for them, and

says of Yelp's Top 100 List. "Every time we get rated, it's like

they embraced it," Athena says.

they handed you a million dollars."
Much of TKB's menu is derived from Athena's original recipes,
The Yelp ranking is a result of the scores of positive reviews

200 of them. They supply several grocery store chains with

that come from TKB's dedication to quality and service. In this

scoop and bake products, while some of their more popular

way, Yelp is not only representing what's top rated but also

retail products include hot and cold sandwiches on breads such

what's most popular across the country.

as Jalapeño Focaccia.

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"The three owners really own it. They've been doing it since
"What it's done for us has been phenomenal," Athena Sippel

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