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As the owner and founder of Sadelle's, a bakery-restaurant in the
Soho neighborhood of New York City, Melissa Weller is a master
baker whose work has received critical acclaim. She received a
James Beard Nomination for Outstanding Baker in 2016. Weller
was among the prominent instructors who demonstrated tips
and techniques during the Bread Bakers Guild of America's recent WheatStalk conference in Providence, Rhode Island.
In 2013 Weller created a sensation by selling her hand-rolled
bagels at the outdoor Smorgasburg market in Brooklyn. Those
bagels led to her partnership with the Major Food Group to
create and open the bagel-centric restaurant Sadelle's.  
Sadelle's features quintessential appetizing selections like
sliced-to-order salmon and sturgeon, chopped salads and other
New York classics. The restaurant also specializes in traditional
Russian caviar and vodka service. The bakery highlights one of
New York's greatest food traditions - the bagel. Hand-rolled
bagels, pastries and breads are made fresh on-site throughout
the day in a glass-enclosed bakery, located in the center of the
dining room. 

to bake as a child and was always at her mother's side in the

While at Per Se, she enjoyed making bagels so much that she

kitchen. Her passion for food and cooking blossomed while liv-

began doing so for staff meals, using sourdough starter to lend

ing in and traveling throughout France during and after college.

a little more chew and tang.

Prior to her culinary career, she worked as a chemical engineer

At Sadelle's, she continues to innovate. When making onion ba-

developing fuel cell engines for alternative fuel vehicles. In 2004

gels, Weller dehydrates onions and leeks and folds them, along

she turned her career toward bread and pastry at the French

with chives, into the dough instead of coating the outside. She

Culinary Institute and refined her skills at various establishments

also follows a different path than some when making sesame

in New York City, including Babbo Ristorante and Sullivan Street

seed bagels. Seeded bagels are often dipped in a pan of seeds


before they are baked. Weller thoroughly rolls the dough in the
seeds before baking.

From 2008 through 2010 she was the head baker at Per Se
Restaurant and Bouchon Bakery. Weller went on the create the

Weller's signature everything bagel 2.0 includes sesame

much-lauded bread program at Roberta's in Brooklyn, baking all

seeds, poppy seeds, dehydrated garlic, salt, fennel seeds and

of her bread in an outdoor, wood-fired oven.

caraway seeds.

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Weller, who was born and grew up in central Pennsylvania, loved

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