bake - March 2018 - PAN49


Opened in 1988, La Colmena specializes in traditional
Hispanic products, and top sellers are mantecadas, conchas,
bolillos, cheesecakes and paloteado, a specialty. Paloteado is
made of thin layers of pastry sheets, similar to milhojas,
and is shaped in two different ways at La Colmena. The

fruit-filled version is shaped like a burrito, with the layers
folded over, while another version is shaped in an open
circle. The latter version is unfilled.
Many of the authentic breads served by La Colmena
come directly from recipes originating from Mexico
where Jesus and Benjamin Blanco grew up in Tecoman,
Colima. Cakes represent a growing part of the business,
especially during the summer months when they receive
a lot of custom orders for celebration cakes.
The bakery relies on BakeMark for delicious fruit
fillings, cake mixes and other bakery ingredients.
"BakeMark offers different flavors in their fillings and lets
us provide our customers with the great tasting products
our customers want," Blanco says.
There is never a day that La Colmena is not open,
and the seven bakers who work here start their day every
morning at 3 a.m. They continue baking through the noon
hour, so they can offer fresh products throughout the day,
and the bakery's three cake decorators are busy creating
custom-designed cakes every morning and afternoon.
The work never stops.
The bakery has an oven and mixer, but most work
is done by hand. "Technology in equipment has allowed
us to do more consistent work over the years," Gabriella
says. "Mostly, we are known for our fresh bread, which
is made fresh daily."






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