bake - March 2018 - PAN48


La Colmena #2
Throughout Southern California, there are many
areas with dense pockets of Hispanic populations, and
Sun Valley offers a prime example. The Sun Valley
neighborhood is home to Panadería La Colmena #2,
which is one of the most popular local bakeries, and
the cultural diversity here (69% of Sun Valley's 81,788
residents are Hispanic) bodes well for the success of
La Colmena.
The bakery has earned a well-established reputation
for high-quality breads, pastries and cakes during its 30
years in business. Two brothers, Jesus and Benjamin Blanco,

Panadería La Colmena #2
11020 Sherman Way; Sun Valley, California 91352
(818) 765-5516; Jesus and Benjamin Blanco; Owners


run the bakery with other family members, including
Benjamin's daughter, Gabriella, and Jesus Blanco Jr.
Gabriella says the family bakery continues to gain more
business through word of mouth and social media, where
younger customers regularly post about the great breads
and pastries they buy at La Colmena.
"Quality and good customer service is what we pride
ourselves on," Gabriella says. "We know our customers
on a first-name basis. We try to let our product speak for
itself. We believe that offering great customer service and
a quality product is the best way."


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